Whether you are a start-up looking for fractional sales leadership support, or a global organization striving to better leverage your existing account relationships, we have been there.  For over 24 years, Beacon has been providing sales training, real deal coaching and win-loss analysis. Our experience in establishing client differentiation, ramping up work winners faster and attaining better margins are all core deliverables from Beacon.  Much of our success is based upon Beacon’s sales framework that takes into consideration what the client is thinking, not the seller.

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Fractional Sales Leaders

Case Study Spotlight

Fractional sales leadership requires more than just sales expertise. Beacon Worldwide trains and coaches sales teams and representatives on dozens of accounts and hundreds of deals annually.  While that sales expertise is a vital link to people’s success, fractional sales leadership requires the full integration of strategic and tactical marketing which includes digital strategies for your sector.

Our senior team provides no obligation discussions on fractional sales leaders, things to consider and where the pitfalls tend to occur.  For questions or further information, please email us at info@beacon-worldwide.com.



The Beacon Advantage

The Beacon Advantage Beacon provides more than just award-winning training and advice.
  • Our experienced, client-centric sales experts become a part of a client’s sales pursuit team to provide real-time opportunity coaching.
  • We have extensive insight into where accounts and deals were won or lost in the sales cycles and what…
  • No one has a more thorough knowledge of what type of organizational structure and support is necessary for successfully…

Adapting to a Changing World

Adapting to a Changing World

Beacon aligns closely with clients to navigate dramatically changing regulations, whether they be from the Security and Exchange Commission, the Financial Control Aurthority or the implications of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. By working on actual accounts and deals impacted by these regulatory agencies and environments, Beacon is at the forefront of creating sustainable work winning strategies and tactics.

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