Winning opportunities in the complex services and products fields is very difficult. To succeed, an organization must have a comprehensive understanding of the sales opportunity, and must be highly strategic when engaging that opportunity.

To help clients succeed, Beacon blends its global knowledge of sales strategy and design with over 20 years of hands-on experience working on hundreds of worldwide accounts and thousands of deals.

Organizations that partner with us have learned what it takes to win work on a global level. Our custom engagements transform our clients through forensic analysis and application of principles we have developed and refined through working with top clients on an international level. Our team knows effective selling strategies within complex services and technology better than anyone else.

Deal 2nd Opinion

Case Study Spotlight

A senior partner at one of the Big 4 consulting firms reached out to discuss end of sales cycle concerns. In the 30-minute discussion, Beacon made suggestions which completely changed his approach. This opportunity for a “Deal 2nd Opinion” is utilized by our clients globally.

If you would like an opportunity to take part in this service, we would be happy to discuss it. If you simply have a large opportunity and would like to validate your thinking, please contact us: or call +1 603 745 8888.


The Beacon Advantage

The Beacon Advantage Beacon provides more than just award-winning training and advice.
  • Our experienced, client-centric sales experts become a part of a client’s sales pursuit team to provide real-time opportunity coaching.
  • We have extensive insight into where accounts and deals were won or lost in the sales cycles and what…
  • No one has a more thorough knowledge of what type of organizational structure and support is necessary for successfully…

Adapting to a Changing World

Adapting to a Changing World

From the changing of healthcare funding guidelines in the UK, USA and European Union to revolutionary technology shifts in engineering that are changing the market,Beacon has been there and has worked with clients to help create the platform for their success.

Beacon aligns closely with clients to navigate dramatically changing regulations, such as the EU’s Barnier and plosteg regulations in the Netherlands. By working on actual deals within these regulatory environments, Beacon is at the forefront of creating organizational designs and client development strategies in response to regulations.