Sales Skills Assessment

Test your knowledge of sales principles against 1,000s of others in the field. Our sales knowledge assessment can help you diagnose areas where your sales knowledge can improve.

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Question 1:

1) The first rule of qualification for incoming calls is whether the contact or caller will:

Listen to your services presentation
Give you direct access to the decision maker
Discuss pricing with you
Discuss the potential business issues in the prospect
All of the above

Question 2:

2) An early barrier to securing a sale is:

No budget allocated
They have no buying process in place
The proposal process
None of the above

Question 3:

3) The best time to talk about pricing with the prospect is:

In early conversations to qualify them
In the proposal
During the first pitch to the decision makers
Any of the above
None of the above

Question 4:

4) The first scheduled conversation should always include:

A discussion of your services
The use of an industry expert
The involvement of a partner
A conversation about their business issues
A discussion about your product pricing
None of the above

Question 5:

5) When the prospect calls you (an incoming lead) the most important sales behaviour of those listed below is to:

Find out if they are the decision maker
Find out if they have the budget
Find out where they are in the sales process
Determine if they want a proposal from you

Question 6:

6) When contacting prospects or relationships about a new opportunity by phone, the first objective is to create:

A desire in the prospect to buy your services
A high level of trust in the mind of the prospect
Create curiosity to listen further
A need to schedule an appointment
None of the above

Question 7:

7) Which of the following groups does not typically need to be engaged during the sales cycle of large complex deals?

Senior level executives
Middle tier line of service managers
Lower level staff whom you would work with during implementation
None of the above

Question 8:

8) Generally, finding out who has a budget for your services should take place:

Early in the sales cycle
Midway through the sales cycle
At the end of the sales cycle
Any of the above
None of the above

Question 9:

9) The most important sales behavior early in the sales cycle is to:

Identify a solution for the prospect
Prove your service capabilities
Mitigate any perceived risk of doing business with your company
Identify potential business issues you may be able to help with
Let the prospect know that your services have value

Question 10:

10) The best accounts to bring proactive thought leadership offerings to are:

New Accounts
Accounts in a specific sector or industry
Existing difficult accounts
Existing accounts

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