In Beacon’s worldwide inside sales call center experiences, there are consistent failure points. However, these failure points are sometimes clouded by what functional area may have responsibility for various points of the revenue generation cycle. This leads us to one of the top failure points. All revenue generating call centers must have well-defined inputs and […]

Every so often one of our clients does something that is revolutionary. It makes you proud to be supporting their team and an advocate of their new-found enthusiasm. This is exactly the situation with one of our clients, Daymark. Daymark works with a host of technology providers to literally cut the IT storage and backup […]

Win-loss analysis or post-decision reviews are actually complicated conversations even if performed correctly. We recently worked with a client who was performing their own post-decision reviews. Not surprisingly, a large number of deals came back as being lost to price. We challenged their findings. Our experience shows that the reality across North America is that […]

This is a guest post from Karen Hayward, CMO of Chief Outsiders In the last decade, we’ve seen a huge investment in CRM infrastructure, processes and data collection. While these activities have been helpful, they have fallen short of illuminating real insights and helping organizations make better decisions to accelerate revenue growth. Understanding your own […]

This is a guest post from Karen Hayward, CMO of Chief Outsiders For anyone serious about really growing their business, a comprehensive Win-Loss Analysis program is essential to capture the voice of the customer and help drive informed decisions and strategies on: Product/service designs Pricing Customer service Sales strategy/execution Without in-depth knowledge from the people […]

All too often, people in business who are successful financially can be seen as mercenary. The reality is that some very successful organizations and individuals are actually more interested in the pursuit and application of their craft than money. We are not suggesting they will be the low cost provider but they will consistently be […]

It can be extremely tempting for medium-to-large scale organizations to provide in-house training for their sales managers and staff. After all, many of these organizations already have trainers whose job it is to develop training plans, work with managers and supervisors to ensure training is occurring, and being delivered when necessary. But if your organization […]

Beacon, like a few other sales consulting firms, will provide training on negotiations skills for their clients, but they will also offer to step in and assist with actual client negotiations in your behalf. For those situations where this might be appropriate, like when a company loses a seasoned negotiator, they should be thinking through […]

The web is littered with all types of sales programs and guides, each claiming that their special formula holds the key to unlocking tremendous sales success. But in reality, deals are won by a careful focus on what is important to the client and unlocking the true value of a collaborative relationships to the person […]

This was a quote from a senior partner in the Big Four about how Beacon qualifies and just as importantly disqualifies RFPs. Companies consistently struggle with dumping RFP situations into at least 3 “buckets” to determine the type and style of qualification. In fact, there are 10 easy questions that can be asked and weighted […]

Have you ever been part of an organization that “trains” you through an external third party who downloads their skills in matter of hours to make you renewed and improved? Companies often check the box of providing some of their people skills development and in reality they have spent the bulk of their money on […]

In our experience, sales training is all too often overly theoretical or too technical, or conversely, overly broad. Our two decades of work within the complex services and software sector has taught us that the most effective sales training happens when the training uses real client examples and integrates real opportunities that the client is […]

In most partner-led organizations that Beacon works with, the reality of the business climate requires each partner to be actively engaged in building relationships and winning new work.  Some partners may have an edge when it comes to the necessary skill sets to develop new business, but in our experience all partners can benefit from […]

We strongly encourage our client organizations and firms to constantly review the strength of relationships with their own clients in an objective manner. The reality today is that most organizations will earn the majority of their new work from existing relationships, and in order to be best positioned for longer-term growth, the health of these […]

As a sales professional in a complex services or software organization, it makes a lot of sense to continually refine and enhance your pricing and negotiation skills. The facts of business today mean that pricing and negotiations discussions are becoming more and more complex as large organizations have more diverse needs and more stakeholders approach […]

In the complex advisory services and software fields, who are the emerging future leaders and how can they best be developed? They may be young partners, directors, senior managers, managers and many other titles but they all must share several fundamental characteristics when working with Beacon to drive a sales transformation process from the inside. […]