Business Development Coaching for Partner-Led Organizations

Carl Erickson

In most partner-led organizations that Beacon works with, the reality of the business climate requires each partner to be actively engaged in building relationships and winning new work.  Some partners may have an edge when it comes to the necessary skill sets to develop new business, but in our experience all partners can benefit from a systematized, structured approach to the challenge. A vital part of our experience is that anyone who attempts to implement a “paint by numbers” sales methodology will face an uphill battle.

Coaching for Already-Successful Partners

While the consistent application of various partners’ competency can be a cornerstone to their success in the long term, openness, client collaboration and innovation are all important to their success.  Therefore, helping partners understand what skills are most critical, when and how they can be creatively applied, and how they relate to specific outcomes at specific times in the sales cycle is vital.

Making More Rainmakers

For partners who are stronger in other aspects of the business, such as task execution, project management or quality assurance, coaching sessions on business development can offer a number of advantages.  Coaching helps these partners to understand and:

  • “Demystify” the tactics that more successful work winners use
  • Think about their professional relationships from a fresh perspective
  • Understand the fundamentals of short and long term business development
  • Formulate an achievable plan of action and a way to assess their own progress

Our business development coaching and mentoring services can take many shapes. Of course, coaching goes well beyond “training” to provide partners with a more active assessment of their performance along with any course correction needed. The coaching period can be around specific deals but in most cases extends for six months or longer.  These coaching efforts contain a custom set of check-ins based on factors such as how many partners are involved and the desired level of improvement in business acquisition. From our multiple decades assisting clients with business development and many other aspects of the sales function, we have created a detailed framework that can be applied for any partner-led organization to achieve a substantial amount of new work.