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Is your company over $5 million and less than $500M in annual revenue and trying to better understand the quickly changing sales and marketing arena?

Do you have questions or concerns around the direction of sales and marketing in today’s ever- increasing technology environment?

Do you have a large complex deal that you would like a second opinion on?

Are you struggling with sales representative performance and would like to better understand what the best in the field are doing?

These are only a few of the many reasons professionals are reaching out to the Beacon Worldwide executive team. We have been providing global sales and marketing advice for nearly 25 years to companies in a variety of sectors.

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Carl Erickson – President and CEO
Sales in Professional Services – B2B

Nina Labonte – MD of Global Services
Sales in Professional Services – B2B

Jeffrey Whitney – Strategic Marketing Services
B2B and B2C

Michael Bolan – MD EMEA
Sales in Professional Services

Jose Caraball – MD South America
Sales and Customer Service
B2B and B2C

Jeff Mercer – Partner Canada West
Oil, Gas and Engineering B2B

Ed Plocek – Partner
Hospice and Health Care Business
Development and Sales

Loren Shumate – Partner – Raleigh, NC
B2B Technology Sales and Marketing

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