Get Started with Beacon

Our commitment to our clients is the foundation of our brand. Beacon’s dedication to our clients goes beyond an initial engagement or specialized sales assistance. We help drive the behaviors in our clients that create sustainable long-term excellence in an organization’s sales approach. This is by far one of Beacon’s most valuable services, and we wholeheartedly believe that assisting organizations to sustain sales results is at the very core of what we do.

  • Go To Market Assessment – By clarifying the issues faced by members of a sales team and assessing they know and what is really achievable, Beacon produces a plan of action to help your organization achieve sales success.
  • Initial Engagement – Members of the Beacon team will talk to key stakeholders in an organization to clarify and prioritize issues.
  • Sales Assessments – Beacon often utilizes their proprietary sales assessment that provides specific detailed individual, team and organizational insights across six critical skill sets.  This can help to pinpoint the fastest training paybacks and most compelling sales issues very quickly.
  • As part of this effort, Beacon helps to define and implement clear Key Performance Indicators so that organizations know they are making progress even before revenues spike. Below are some of the most effective ways we can assist your organization to transform sales efforts from within and continually work toward improved outcomes.

We encourage you to contact us to learn more about how our sales programs can assist your organization in integrating best practices for long-term sales success.