Go To Market Assessment

Smart organizations regularly take a step back and evaluate what they are doing, the impact and what could be done better. Beacon’s Go To Market Readiness Assessment is exactly that. We help senior sales executives and other key stakeholders like CEO’s, CFO’s and COO’s take a quantitative and qualitative look at their sales efforts so that enhancements can be made that will focus on what is important. With this approach Key Performance Indicators can be further developed that contribute to hitting the numbers and proactively managed.

Our goal is to provide valuable analysis of an organization to identify “blind spots” in the sales process. Individual teams can be analyzed to help understand how people with sales responsibility are developed. From there, we spotlight which issues are the priorities to address and create individual development plans that focus on the skills essential to winning work and building long-term client relationships.

Beacon helped us zero in on exactly what accounts to pursue and why. They are the way we now do business.

CEO, Technology and Services Firm

One simple example of this is a Request for Proposal review we conducted for a global client. We uncovered that the value of proposals lost on a global basis was three times the size of the proposals won. We then overlaid the competitive landscape we had acquired and the insight was game changing for this company.

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More about Our Process

Our data gathering process includes interviews and the analysis of quantifiable data and reports. We not only look at any patterns that develop but just as importantly, we look for the lack of patterns where there should be one.

The qualitative component of our assessment focuses on the emotional intelligence of each individual with sales responsibility. In many cases, team members with a high degree of sophistication around the “soft skills” of relationship development are vastly more successful in work winning than those who only understand the technical components of the sales cycle. We can help your organization pinpoint these individuals and help them to refine further their skill set and also help to scale an internal model of what good looks like.

The end product of our assessment may be something like an action plan where each team member emerges with a detailed roadmap for development. Or, it could take the form of a comprehensive report from a global point of view that looks at helpful and hurtful trends in the work winning team and how the client might want to address these issues.