Initial Engagement

Beacon is engaged in helping many companies dramatically improve their client relationships while simultaneously winning more work. This includes helping to drive a consistent sales framework and approach, improving the effectiveness of all client interactions and better leveraging of existing relationships.

Our initial engagement with your organization is custom tailored to the unique needs and challenges you face. In a broad sense, we are initially focused on two major areas of opportunity.

Define the Problem

By talking with key stakeholders in an organization, we can uncover exactly which challenges are having the largest effect on an organization’s sales success. In recent years, we have noted considerable changes in the challenges facing our clients. Ever-increasing economic pressures and rapid technological innovation have resulted in some complex services organizations steeply discounting their services and moving to more of a penetration pricing model. Global organizations are often challenged to create a common sales language and proper sales protocols for local markets. We will uncover exactly the challenges for your organization as our first step of engagement.

Define the Solution

With a thorough understanding of the problems, our sales consultants are then able to craft solutions based on our history in working with similar organizations and our proprietary research into common sales pitfalls and missteps. Our track record of untangling the related issues extends across smaller companies all the way to world’s largest services companies.


We are upfront about the fees we charge and pledge to provide exceptional value while helping your organization to become more successful. Factors in our custom pricing quotes include the size and scale of an organization, the degree of its international presence, amount of work that will need to take place on-site versus online, and the need for ongoing consulting or support.

I thought I really understood account and client development, but with Beacon’s help, our global revenues tripled in 15 months.

Global Relationship Partner, Big Four

We appreciate you learning more about Beacon and encourage you to contact us to find out how our global sales consulting experts, analysis specialists, and knowledgeable trainers can help your organization transform its business development processes.