Nina Labonte

Nina Labonte

Managing Director - Worldwide

Nina Labonte is the Managing Director of Worldwide Services for Beacon Worldwide.  In working for Beacon over the past 9 years, Nina has worked with a variety of clients across 3 continents with most of her work being provided in the US and Europe.  Nina leverages her 20 plus years of global sales and marketing experience to help large organizations transform their work winning practices while simultaneously building stronger relationships with clients.

Nina specializes in working with consulting services and software organizations who provide what are often complex services to their clients. Her extensive day-to-day hands-on work experience with sales management and account teams on actual client deals has led to literally hundreds of significant wins and just as importantly, the development of extraordinary internal coaches.

As with all senior Beacon staff, she trains, coaches and guides individuals and teams on large complex deals in the areas of: enterprise software, tax, advisory, audit, engineering and legal services.

In addition to Nina’s past experience as Managing Director of EMEA for Beacon, she was a Vice President of Sales. She has a BS in Management from Lesley University and certifications in sales effectiveness, (search engine optimization) SEO and project management. Her practical, hard hitting ability to drive results has culminated in millions of additional revenues for clients while helping to transform leadership, business processes and people into cohesive teams to drive long term results.