Why Train-the-Trainer Is Vital for Sales Transformation

Carl Erickson

In the complex advisory services and software fields, who are the emerging future leaders and how can they best be developed? They may be young partners, directors, senior managers, managers and many other titles but they all must share several fundamental characteristics when working with Beacon to drive a sales transformation process from the inside. They must be equipped to challenge their own organization to greater levels of accomplishment. We refer to these internal allies as “secondees.”

To help ensure the secondees are ready and capable of creating sustainable sales best practices within their organization, Beacon offers a specialized approach where Beacon’s expert sales strategists are embedded within an organization to gain a complete understanding of the current sales approaches, client profiles and stratification, interpersonal dynamics, organizational history, and other factors that contribute to the organization’s existing sales efforts. This embedding role is absolutely essential so that we can “take the pulse” of an organization alongside the secondees and begin to develop the sales transformation from within not exerting pressure from outside the organizations.

Readying Mentors for Transformation

As the sales transformation approach evolves, secondee “super skilling” takes place in conjunction with Beacon’s experts so they can help lead the effort while also significantly reducing the direct costs.  Our train-the-trainer programs provides intensive instruction for the program mentors/secondees in the core concepts they need to understand and the behaviors they need to demonstrate in order to achieve the magnitude of productivity gains and sales effectiveness improvements we see on average in the clients we work with.

What makes this effort even more compelling for the secondees is the way Beacon works with them and others in the organization on high profile deals and accounts.  This helps ensure that the many nuances of how to tactically apply Beacon in depth experience and approach becomes real and scalable.