Free Sales Skills Assessment

Test your knowledge of sales principles against 1,000s of others in the field. Our mini sales knowledge assessment can help you diagnose areas where your sales knowledge can improve.

We’ll show you the correct answers when you submit your answers and also send you an email with your score and the correct answers.  If you are interested we also have a 104 question assessment that cuts across all six critical sales skill sets. That assessment can be accessed through the Beacon online store or simply drop us an email at

Name Business Email Phone Number

1) The first rule of qualification for incoming calls is whether the contact or caller will:

2) An early barrier to securing a sale is:

3) The best time to talk about pricing with the prospect is:

4) The first scheduled conversation should always include:

5) When the prospect calls you (an incoming lead) the most important sales behaviour of those listed below is to:

6) When contacting prospects or relationships about a new opportunity by phone, the first objective is to create:

7) Which of the following groups does not typically need to be engaged during the sales cycle of large complex deals?

8) Generally, finding out who has a budget for your services should take place:

9) The most important sales behavior early in the sales cycle is to:

10) The best accounts to bring proactive thought leadership offerings to are: