The Green Theme Storms into IT

Carl Erickson

Every so often one of our clients does something that is revolutionary. It makes you proud to be supporting their team and an advocate of their new-found enthusiasm. This is exactly the situation with one of our clients, Daymark. Daymark works with a host of technology providers to literally cut the IT storage and backup footprint in organizations by as much as ten-fold.

To some, they may look at this as a simple consolidation of space but with Daymark’s expertise and manufacturing partners, there is much more. Daymark’s approach allows them to dramatically cut the power usage as well, thereby creating an operational payback that has a major positive environmental impact.

So while the “green” impact is typically immense over what currently exists, the revolutionary part is actually in the dramatically reduced direct cost of the IT storage, backup and disaster recovery architecture along with the massive spike in reliability.

Hats off to Daymark continuing their innovative pursuits for their clients and the environment!