What We Do

Beacon’s mission is to provide expert sales advice, training and coaching based upon best practices that dramatically improve our clients’ culture, revenues, profitability and client relationships. Our clients tell us that the greatest value we deliver is helping them to significantly improve their win rate while simultaneously creating a sustainable competitive advantage in the market.

Our services are designed to offer insight and actionable advice in the ever-increasing complexity of the global business world today.

  • Sales Training Highly customized lectures and exercises are structured around real deals, helping participants to take away specific action plans that they can apply to live deals they are working on.
  • Fractional Sales Leadership  Sales leadership support remote or onsite as you need it to attain the results you seek. Global sales leadership expertise at a fraction of the full time cost.
  • Sales Consulting – Our consultants help to create and drive sales messages with a client focus, which can be delivered in a proper sequence for maximum likelihood of being received and accepted.
  • Win/Loss Analysis – A unique and highly productive framework for evaluating our clients’ wins and losses helps us to navigate the nuances of a deal and improve the chance of success in future sales endeavors.

We appreciate you learning more about Beacon and encourage you to contact us to find out how our global sales consulting experts, analysis specialists, and knowledgeable trainers can help your organization transform its business development processes.