Sales Consulting

The complexity of many offerings in the service arena makes selling those services even more difficult. Beacon works with clients to help create and drive sales messages in a manner that is truly client focused so that the message is more impactful. Through our decades of global work we have also found the sequencing of messaging and how the themes cut across multiple offerings is an important consideration to the message design. Of course it also needs to be clear as to who the recipient of the message should be.

  • Big Deal Coaching – By guiding individuals with sales responsibilities in your organization, Beacon can help them analyze opportunities and make smarter decisions about resource allocation.
  • Sales Transformation – Beacon offers a framework to transform the efforts of sales forces and create a greater competitive advantage to maximize revenue and enhance client relationships.
  • Negotiations on Behalf of Clients – Trust our experienced negotiators to help your firm successfully navigate the key stages of any deal.
  • Sales Expertise – Our Sales Expertise Spectrumâ„¢ provides a framework for building a high level of expertise within an organization.
  • Sales Research – Organizations across the globe count on Beacon’s extensive research on the critical stages of the sales cycle to gain insights and improve their sales effectiveness.
  • Strategic Networking – Making the right connections in a global marketplace is essential for your organization’s success. Let us guide your networking efforts

Whether clients are launching new offerings or simply trying to better synchronize their messages across existing offerings, Beacon can help provide a client focused slant that creates better clarity to internal and external parties.

This consulting support is further enhanced when the messages are then woven into a sales framework in a manner that accelerates the sales cycle in a psychologically appropriate way.

Beacon's guidance has increased our confidence in our sales pipeline. We do larger deals with more clients and are on track for our best year yet.

European Sales Director, Green Technology and Services Company

We encourage you to contact us to learn more about how our consulting and support services can improve your organization’s business development and sales practices.