Big Deal Coaching

Did you ever wish that you had a sounding board for a large complex deal, someone who has decades of experience and has worked on thousands of deals? Beacon coaches many opportunities and accounts on a short or long term basis with the objective of helping you to win business faster and, just as importantly, disqualifying business in a professional and politically astute manner.

Opportunity coaching is a specific area where our team of experts will come in, roll up their sleeves and deploy our proven framework for the complex products and services sector to identify top opportunities based on key qualification criteria. This analysis allows your organization to pursue or eliminate opportunities more effectively. We don’t just simply perform the analysis – we also instruct your sales team in our approach so that new opportunities can be properly assessed and prioritized.

Focusing on the Interpersonal

Even if our analysis reveals that an opportunity should be de-prioritized or abandoned completely, the work doesn’t end there. Over our decades of experience, we have found that the way your company walks away from opportunities can have an enormous impact on your reputation and relationships.

Beacon helped us zero in on exactly what accounts to pursue and why. They are the way we now do business.

CEO, Technology and Services Firm

In complex services companies, an opportunity abandonment strategy is particularly critical because of the personal connections at stake. Our experts can help your organization successfully navigate the waters so that you are positioned to take full advantage of an opportunity if circumstances change down the road.

Sales Pipeline Analysis

Another component of opportunity coaching is pipeline reviews with various levels of the organization. Such reviews are highly important to help decision makers determine what is real, what is not, and why. In practically all cases, our approach results in the development of a much more objective forecasting system based upon objective deliverables.

Improved forecasting allows your organization to be more efficient in its sales strategy and provides you with more reliable revenue predictions. Even today in the era of comprehensive, real-time information, a surprising number of services organizations are in their infancy in this area because they are not using an effective process to categorize, track and forecast sales effectively.

Our framework, developed over the history of our company and constantly refined, delivers opportunity analysis with a margin of error consistently less than 5%. We teach our clients how to use this approach in a very practical way. We believe that opportunity coaching is a key component of our support to the leadership team, driving sales and client relationships.