Embedded Strategists

What is the value of a complex sales expert on your team who has a background in guiding hundreds of difficult deals?  According to our clients, priceless. Beacon has a unique approach in how we deeply interact with our clients to help them drive work-winning and relationship development performance.  The two goals are inextricably linked when long term competency and relationships are critical to future work.

To learn more about the value of our embedded sales strategists, we encourage you to contact us online. We are happy to discuss what makes our sales experts effective in guiding deals and helping your sales team function more effectively. Choosing to engage with an embedded strategist is one way organizations have initiated their work with Beacon to achieve quick results and gain mega paybacks around specific opportunities.

Experts Right Where You Need Them

Our clients often ask, how can we better qualify this deal? When should we walk away? What is the cost of sale if we lose? While these are all good questions, qualifying large, complex deals with global accounts is more complicated than a few questions.

I thought I really understood account and client development, but with Beacon’s help, our global revenues tripled in 15 months.

Global Relationship Partner, Big Four

Our sales experts have vast experience in working on initial “penetration deals,” long-term trusted relationship deals, and procurement versus non-procurement deals. While there are threads of commonality in how these opportunities are handled, our team is thoroughly familiar with the Iconic Selling™ Framework and how it applies to different types of deals.  Therefore, qualification and points of impact are made faster and more efficiently so that the probability of success is maximized or clarity is created on when to walk away.