Negotiations on Behalf of Clients

Beacon not only provides negotiations training and consulting support to clients but we actually will step in and literally negotiate their deals in their behalf. This may include one off deals through a global Master Service Agreement (“MSA”).

In organizations that provide complex services, negotiating skills are essential even for the most experienced and well-connected individuals with sales responsibility. At Beacon, our research and deep practical experience into the art and science of the negotiations process has created a foundation for an approach that is proven time and time again. We understand negotiations best practices in a wide variety of situations, sectors and settings, and we can put our knowledge to work for you.

Our team of trusted and experienced negotiators can be the catalyst your organizational needs when a deal is coming down to the wire even if we only act as a sounding board for your staff. We encourage you to contact us to learn more about how a Beacon expert on negotiations can improve your organization’s business development opportunities.

A Key Member of Your Team

In many cases, clients choose to make us part of the negotiations team on global agreements because of our experience. In fact, with many of our clients, we can offer customized guidance on who should close opportunities and how the process should be choreographed in a manner that preserves the most important relationships.

Beacon is relentless in their support of your objectives. They are a true partner in our quest to win business and build stronger client relationships.

North American Vice President, Technology and Services Company

Our negotiations experience doesn’t stop when the deal’s done. In addition to negotiating on behalf of clients, we can also transfer our knowledge of negotiations best practices to your organization’s work winners so they can become more effective in future sales pursuits. This is accomplished either though specialized sessions or hands-on coaching with real-time deals and negotiations.

Our main premise in negotiations is to clearly and consistently approach the relationship from a position of respect. We believe that negotiations must never devalue the service and the people involved but rather create a platform where value can be exchanged for value. This not only has a direct correlation to revenue and reputation but also enhances the relationships between both our client and theirs.