Sales Expertise

The ability to consistently win brand defining deals and manage large accounts is rooted in the sales expertise of your team.  That is why millions is spent every year trying to develop sales expertise within organizations.  Unfortunately, most of the money spent on the pursuit of sales excellence is wasted. The reason for this is many companies fail to recognize where in the sales expertise spectrum the issues truly exist.

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The Sales Expertise Spectrum™

We have found that three primary components contribute to an organization’s or individual’s sales expertise:

  • Sales Knowledge – People who are responsible for work winning must have a fundamental knowledge of selling strategies, how the six core skill sets fit in a sales cycle, along with knowledge of their product and service offerings to help clients solve specific issues.
  • Sales Skills Experience – Continuously refining the application of sales knowledge can only come through experience and 360 degree feedback. However, it is critical to understand the relationship profile that your company needs to sustain long term revenues, because that factor should directly impact how client interactions flow.
  • Relationship Management – Successful deals can emerge from lengthy sales cycles or be nearly instantaneous based upon the strength of existing relationships. The most successful global account teams and the best work winners nearly always have proactive strategies and tactics to objectively measure relationship progress.

Sales Expertise Spectrum
Though all of these three components of expertise are in play, they are not all equally likely to contribute to whether or not a deal goes through. Relationship management is the biggest driver of sales success.

Beacon helped us zero in on exactly what accounts to pursue and why. They are the way we now do business.

CEO, Technology and Services

Sales Experts Understand Relationships

Based upon Beacon’s global research in the complex services and technology sectors, the principle cause of lost deals is rooted in relationship mismanagement, not sales knowledge.  Therefore, when companies only focus on building sales best practices knowledge, they miss the most important part of the work-winning chain.

As part of Beacon’s go-to-market assessment for clients we not only look at where the skill gaps may be, but we can also look at the core principle of effective relationship development and management and how the execution of those skills may be helping or hurting your organization.