Sales Research

Unlike other research companies who look into sales trends and buying habits, Beacon looks deeply into the sales knowledge and behaviors of people with a variety of sales responsibilities. Our extensive research can guide your organization in determining what works, what does not work, and most importantly, why.

We can provide sales research on a variety of subjects in webinar, face-to-face or written form on nearly any sales related topic. We encourage you to contact us if you are interested in having a Beacon sales research expert present an overview of how our research can improve your organization’s sales effectiveness.

The 6 Steps of the Sales Cycle

Through over two decades of research, Beacon has developed a deep understanding of the six specific skill sets needed to effectively sell complex products or services. We now know exactly where members of sales teams tend to do well and where they tend to underperform. Our research has revealed that in each level of the sales cycle, people tend to make similar mistakes.

  • In Level 0, the Targeting or Analysis stage, it is extremely common for organizations to lack effectiveness in approach the prospect, market or segment in an effective way. In many cases, the view of the opportunity to too generalized or is filtered through the eyes of the organization, rather than being seen from the target’s point of view.
  • In Level 1, the Outreach or Identification stage, work winners begin speaking with the potential buyer. At this point, sales team members too often make the mistake of trying to sell their services instead of forming a plan that is sensitive to the specific issues the potential buyer is actually facing.
  • We see similar common pitfalls in the remaining four levels, as technical resources are brought in, relationships are built, and deals are won or lost.

Very seldom do people with sales responsibility excel in more than two of the six sales skill sets. This naturally creates an overreliance on positive behaviors, but also leaves an organization vulnerable to “blind spots” that can greatly affect its overall sales success. In fact, in large partner led organizations, a lack of the full range of skills in an individual or team can actually cause a decline in revenue performance for other partners due to high levels of sales inefficiency and overreliance on relationships.

Researching Relationships

Our research in the complex account arena has helped us to conclude that considerable time needs to be spent cultivating client relationships and leveraging them in an appropriate way. Based on this research, we have developed proven approaches that have delivered a long-term track record of amazing revenue growth in global accounts.

Beacon has helped us implement a highly focused, proactive prospecting effort that resulted in nearly a 400% increase in outbound wins in less than 18 months.

Big Four Partner

Although Beacon’s research findings are extremely valuable when customized to your company, clients tell us the best way to easily understand what we bring is a sales research overview presentation. These are ideal for Board Meetings, Relationship Manager Sessions or Global Account Leaders. We look forward to having the opportunity to form and build a relationship with key members of your organization.