Sales Transformation

Beacon’s experience in creating and implementing sales transformations within organizations is unparalleled. Over more than two decades, we have worked on hundreds of global projects and learned through both research and experience what works and, just as importantly, what does not. Helping to create or enhance a sales-driven culture that leads to sustainable revenue improvement and the ability to rapidly deploy any new or modified product or service is at the very heart of Beacon’s value to clients.

Whether it be in the services, IT and services, Law or Engineering space, Beacon has a vast knowledge of the unique challenges these sectors face in acquiring and growing opportunities and accounts in a manner that fosters long term differentiation.

To learn more about our sales transformation services, we encourage you to contact us online. We are happy to discuss what makes sales transformation services effective and how our expertise can be applied to your organization.

The Need for Transformation

All of these sectors face challenging and often difficult sales cycles. Even the most experienced work winners in the field may have trouble explaining and recreating best practices. This can lead to a gap in execution and a lack of understanding of the sales process across all individuals with sales responsibilities.

Our North American business development team increased lead production by over 30% within 90 days by working with Beacon. The impact was literally millions in additional revenue.

Vice President of Business Development, Technology Company

The fastest sales transformation results often occur in organizations where there is great volatility in the sales force’s overall performance. This may occur through cyclical highs and lows or in inconsistent performance among work winners. Our insights from many sales transformation efforts have led us to a significant conclusion. Any organization that does not take a holistic approach to winning work is destined to struggle with hitting their numbers on a continuous basis. Effective sales transformation efforts help companies culturally embed their go-to-market thinking and approaches as a key piece of the organization’s DNA.

The Elements of a Transformation

Based upon working on dozens of global accounts and participating in driving literally thousands of client deals, there is no such thing as a repeatable methodology for selling complex services. However, there is a core sales framework that encompasses six skill sets which is absolutely necessary to ensure maximum success. Beacon’s unique approach zeros in on how, when and why to apply certain behaviors and skills, who should own the execution of those behaviors at what point, and how they should be provided. The Beacon framework has been painstakingly developed through the eyes of the clients so that psychological alignment with clients and internal staff is always at the forefront of the team’s mind.

The result is a massive competitive advantage due to the increase in efficiency and effectiveness and stronger client alignment. Our informational sales transformation plans have been delivered in over 40 countries. We have presented transformation plans to many regional and global boards, with an emphasis on building and sustaining revenue improvement while effectively collaborating with clients.

Sales Transformation Results

Payback from our sales transformation services has ranged from about 4 to 1 through 90 to 1 during the first year of support with even greater results in years 2 and 3. In addition, sales team productivity and satisfaction can greatly increase post-transformation. Many organizations that have adopted the Beacon sales transformation framework further report that increased sales success has had a positive impact on the productivity and effectiveness of other business verticals across the organization.