Strategic Networking

Networking comes easy to many individuals tasked with sales responsibilities in an organization, but being strategic about making contacts and developing relationships involves an entirely different skill set. Beacon can help your work winners analyze their connections and allocate their investments more effectively for optimized relationships that maximize your organization’s chance of earning new business.

Beacon provides personalized service in this area for a wide range of participants in a way that leverages their natural abilities. Or, we can provide more comprehensive account and company analysis on relationship targets, why and how they might be engaged appropriately with various event designs.

We encourage you to contact us to learn more about how our consulting and support services can improve your organization’s business development and sales practices.

Assessing Your Connections

The right connections within the field of complex services can provide insight, support, information, and a key access point to new opportunities. But how do members of your sales team know when they are pursuing the “right” connection?

Too often, we have found that considerable time is invested pursuing connections based on a title or position rather than based on a more complex understanding of how a particular client really does business and makes decisions. In most cases, actual decision-making authority and persuasive energy is held by individuals who are removed by some degree from the top management, and the degree of influence can vary considerably in partner-led organizations.

Our North American business development team increased lead production by over 30% within 90 days by working with Beacon. The impact was literally millions in additional revenue.

Vice President of Business Development, Technology Company

Beacon can help your organization’s work winners continually assess the relationships they are developing and test the value of those relationships. Our research and real-world experience have found that sales leaders in many cases have excellent relational strengths but may struggle with analytical tasks. In response, we have developed an approach that makes it easier for members of an organization’s sales team to take a hard look at the relationships they have developed and be more strategic when seeking to build and grow new relationships.

From our guidance, your organization’s relationships with prospects and partners will become better optimized over time, as your work winners refine their approach and spend more time focusing on the connections that are actually bringing in new business.

New Business Directions

In addition to pinpointing the right contacts, strategic networking also focuses on uncovering untapped business opportunities. This can be a two way street. A member of your sales team may learn about a new business venture that, with a bit of adaptation and creativity, your organization can capitalize on. Similarly, with the right mix of education and sales skills, an existing client contact may come to realize that your organization is the right fit for a new business opportunity.

Beacon has the experience and expertise to help your organization optimize its sales network. Our experts are available for individual network assessments and can also assist your organization in developing its own program to evaluate the strength and worth of its outside connections.