Sales Training

Beacon‚Äôs award-winning sales training programs quickly impact results because they are based upon live client situations. A dramatic result of Beacon’s initial conversations with clients is their ability to blend client sales situations with their vast sector and best practices experience to create hard hitting and measurable results from their training.

By combining a mixture of highly customized lectures and exercises around real deals, Beacon helps the participants become fully vested in applying the material to their pursuits. This means that unlike traditional training, participants leave with specific action plans that they can apply to a real deal and many others they may be working on.

  • Sales Manager Training – Sales managers set the tone and
    direction for an organization. It is essential to equip them with a deep
    understanding of the techniques that will make the sales team most productive.
  • Sales Staff Training – Our training programs can improve outcomes for any individual with sales responsibilities in your organization.
  • Train the Trainer – For knowledge transfer and organizational
    transformation to truly succeed, mentors within a client organization must be prepared to disseminate and champion key sales messages.
  • Negotiations Training – Our experienced negotiators provide
    custom training to help your firm set a position and negotiate toward the best possible outcome.

Since Beacon has dissected the entire sales framework into core skills, training can be delivered faster with a better impact. This is
accomplished through either coordinated multi-segment programs or short burst sessions where participants may be struggling with a
specific set of skills. In all cases our clients are selling into
Complex Environments, Selling Complex Services, or dealing with
Difficult Competitive Pressures.

The practical experience Beacon brings to these sessions having worked on thousands of actual deals gives the training a level of
credibility that is unmatched by any organization. There are no Beacon
instructors with less than 20 years of actual sales and sales
management responsibility.

Beacon has helped us implement a highly focused, proactive prospecting effort that resulted in nearly a 400% increase in outbound wins in less than 18 months.

Big Four Partner

If you would like to talk about any of our customized short burst
programs of less than one hour or our core programs and how they can be cost-effectively deployed, please feel free to give us a call and we would be happy to share with you what works well with our clients.