Negotiations Training

Beacon Worldwide delivers advanced negotiations skills training that pulls from our decades of experience involved with the complex services field. We believe that negotiation skills are essential for an organization’s relationship development and sales effectiveness.

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A Collaborative Approach to Negotiation

Expert sales negotiation is a vital piece of the sales process for complex services firms. At this stage, the organization and prospective client are actively engaged in collaborating to build a business relationship. We have seen many organizations make a variety of mistakes during the negotiation phase of a deal. These errors leave the organization in a suboptimal position, leave money on the table, or may even kill the deal entirely.

I thought I really understood account and client development, but with Beacon’s help, our global revenues tripled in 15 months.

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Our research and experience has led to the development of a successful model for collaborative negotiation in the context of the complex services field. We can help organizations to learn how to assess which components of a deal are up for negotiation and which are not. From there, we continue to train on the softer skills that comprise the “art” of negotiation, again in a context where many stakeholders in a prospective client may be seeking different benefits and outcomes in the deal.

A Focus on Relationships

Every negotiation provides an opportunity to build upon a relationship and offer benefits to both sides. A large component of our negotiations training often involves learning the tools to properly assess the strength of the relationship with a prospect. In addition, we can help an organization’s sales team to better understand the unique issues facing a prospect within the proposed deal and assess where compromise is more or less likely.

Understanding that each organization and each person within an organization will have a unique negotiation style, we also can help individuals with sales responsibilities to understand how to adapt to a prospect’s preferred style and still arrive at a mutually desirable outcome.

Our negotiation training services are informed by our global experience in the complex services sector, and can be customized to address the areas in which the members of your organization’s sales team need the most assistance. Firms that have engaged Beacon for negotiations skills training have seen a dramatic increase in the number of closed deals and in the quality of new client relationships.