Sales Manager Training

The people who become sales managers achieve these positions because they are skilled in many things. However, the traits and characteristics that made someone successful as a work winner are only a few of the many puzzle pieces needed for the person to achieve success as a sales manager.

All too often, we see clients who have promoted engaging, intelligent people into sales manager roles without providing them with the tools and training necessary to win at the next level. Thankfully, our years of experience and exposure to these situations have helped us to develop and refine a training program focused specifically on sales manager skill development.

Beacon's guidance has increased our confidence in our sales pipeline. We do larger deals with more clients and are on track for our best year yet.

European Sales Director, Green Technology and Services Company

In our experience, it is essential for sales managers to develop a deep understanding of 4 key areas:

  • What are the top 5 sales management derailment factors?
  • How can they go about setting and meeting revenue forecasts?
  • How can they establish non-revenue metrics that are clear indicators to future sales success?
  • How can they be the bridge builder with marketing to ensure both teams are successful?

These are the essential building blocks of effective sales management and Beacon works to ensure that clients have customized stories and how-to approaches that lead to stronger team and individual success.

We can provide one-on-one training in specific cases as well as ongoing training and support for management teams. Please contact us to learn more about how these training programs can improve your organization’s business development and sales practices.