Sales Staff Training

Maximizing the impact of any sales training to attain a long term impact is not an easy task. Beacon’s philosophy is that wherever possible, sales training should be focused on building and refining the most difficult sales skill sets using live situations for maximum applicability. Beacon’s experience in where sellers struggle the most in the complex services and products arena helps define intense, highly focused sessions that have an instant impact on real deals.

Whether our clients are bringing new people into their organization through initial on-boarding processes or they are looking for advanced training programs built from a proven framework, Beacon tailors the efforts to the knowledge gaps within an organization’s sales force.

Please contact us to learn more about how these training programs can improve your organization’s business development and sales practices.

Selling in Complex Environments

All of Beacon’s sales training is focused on the six skill sets required to sell. From our decades of experience and extensive research in the complex services field, we are able to train sales teams so that they can better understand buyer perceptions and frame discussions of their products or services in ways more impactful to clients.

Our North American business development team increased lead production by over 30% within 90 days by working with Beacon. The impact was literally millions in additional revenue.

Vice President of Business Development, Technology Company

In addition, Beacon has extensive data on which selling issues emerge at different points in the sales cycle and how those issues might be best mitigated. Sales teams today need to be equipped with a deeper understanding of specific tactics that can be adapted to the sales cycle. Beacon offers training on both identifying key points in the sales cycle and formulating responses and strategies that will have the greatest likelihood for success.

Training Specific to Your Organization

By adding client-specific information to our proven training programs, we are able to create a powerful set of messages and possible selling behavior changes that can have an almost immediate effect on sales success. Beacon specialists can spend time identifying an organization’s sales strengths and most critical business issues and then customize the training messages and takeaways so that they are easily implemented.

This formula of integrating real time issues and client information not only gives the staff the tools to follow best practices but also allows them to work hands on with one of our experts to further cultivate the most critical skills.

Beacon’s programs are a variety of lengths, and the depth of coverage can be tailored to complement the existing knowledge and skill level of a sales team. We offer everything from short 1-2 hour overviews of the most difficult sales skills to grasp to full instructor certification programs. In our experience, the best training results are obtained when insight into the real challenges individuals and teams face in the field and incorporated into the training.

Let us help your organization ensure that its sales force has mastered the knowledge, skills and abilities it needs to win work and drive your organization’s success.