Train the Trainer

The faster Beacon can disengage with you, the better we have done our job. We believe that knowledge transfer and organizational transformation cannot truly succeed unless the concepts from our key messages, analysis, global experience and empirical research have been put into practice by a client organization. More importantly, a client must have a mechanism in place to continue to support sales best practices. This is what we help our clients quickly build and deploy.

Our train-the-trainer program have been used by the a variety of Firms including the Big Four, Engineering and Software and services clients because they offload our extensive best practices abilities onto their teams quickly and efficiently.

Beacon has helped us implement a highly focused, proactive prospecting effort that resulted in nearly a 400% increase in outbound wins in less than 18 months.

Big Four Partner

In addition to the obvious cost savings for our clients with this approach, they are creating a sustainable method by which their organization can attack their current and future sale challenges.

We encourage you to contact us for more information on this program and our other sales training opportunities.

Identifying Mentors

Train-the-trainer is just one piece of our sales training efforts or an even more robust engagement with an organization. Ideally, Beacon will have the opportunity early on to identify the long term mentors of the sales transformation effort. These individuals can then receive additional coaching and training so that they become key stakeholders in the sales transformation process to impact not only their own behavior but the other sales professionals on their team.

Our end goal is to ensure that an organization has the account and opportunity coaches as well as internal trainers necessary to ensure that sales best practices are properly implemented and maintained. Developing skills in-house has been repeatedly shown to result in a better application of the Beacon framework and more wins.