Iconic Selling™ Framework

How do you win work in the complex services business when sales methodologies don’t work? For over 20 years, Beacon Worldwide has been dissecting what works, what does not, why and then testing it in the field. In working with global services sector clients including Forrester, PwC, Cognos, EMC, KPMG and many others, success consistently revolved around six specific skill sets. These six skill sets and how they are executed form the core of Beacon’s Iconic Selling™ Framework.

Iconic Selling™ is a proven framework based on 8,000 individual skill set assessments. If you are ready to work with an organization that knows what works, choose Beacon.

The 4 Principles

The Iconic Selling™ Framework is based upon several fundamental principles around selling complex services in what can be a complicated and difficult marketplace.

1. The skill sets are so different that seldom will there be anyone who has the time, or ability, to excel in all skills sets. By implication, going to market as a unified team is far more efficient and effective. To gain insights into work winners conscious skill knowledge, Beacon has performed over 8,000 individual skill set assessments and now has baselines in the Services, Engineering and IT sectors. Less than 17% of respondents ever score above average in 4 or more skill sets. This further supports the need for account teams with varied skills that are clearly articulated and measured.

2. The deliverables in a sales cycle need to be client focused not seller focused. This means that understanding your client’s complexities and challenges is vital. To do this effectively, innovation, collaboration, competency and clarity need to be woven into the sales cycle in a natural way that fosters the relationship, sometimes in a challenging way, while also moving the sale cycle along.

3. Multiple stakeholders in the client means the probability for misunderstanding and poor qualification goes up dramatically. Within the Iconic Selling™ Framework, Beacon has embedded approaches that can be used to do things like uncover buyer seriousness, understand power and key influencers roles while also improving the probability of win. These items have been found to be vital for our clients handling global accounts.

4. Many signals beyond revenue will point to the health of a business relationship. With client-centered deliverables, the Iconic Selling™ Framework helps clients establish non-revenue metrics so that advancement of a large or global account is clearly observable well before the revenue increases. This can help to understand if the account lead is doing what is required and whether future investment in the account is even warranted.

I thought I really understood account and client development, but with Beacon’s help, our global revenues tripled in 15 months.

Global Relationship Partner, Big Four

In essence, the Iconic Selling™ Framework is focused on dramatically improving the probability of wins while simultaneously building stronger relationships with clients. Please contact us for more information on our selling framework.