Our Key Principles

A dedication to client service is the hallmark of our Beacon culture. In fact, our clients often tell us that they are inspired by our level of service and have resolved to instill a greater client focus in their own organizations.

  • Commitment: We define our success by our clients’ wins. We are committed to measurable improvements in each client’s relationships and revenues with their accounts. We work tirelessly to help clients realize new opportunities and develop successful sales habits.
  • Integrity: Every day, we have improvement-centered discussions with our clients about their strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. Our consultants know how to persuade, position, and influence in guiding teams to better performance based upon facts. Even when our analysis provides a client with insights that may be controversial, we work hard to find a path that is most advantageous to the organization while remaining sensitive to stakeholder perspectives.
  • Competency: Again and again, we have clients who mistake Beacon personnel for their own key staff members. Our embedded staff have the tools and experience to understand client culture and offerings very quickly. Our competency in applying the latest sales opportunity experience, often based upon the specific nuances of the client’s situation, helps us to recommend winning tactics that can be implemented in a manner that attains success the fastest.
  • Continuous Feedback: Beacon has multiple channels of feedback. These feedback loops help us to grasp trends and emerging best practices faster and bring changes to the field more quickly for our clients. Beacon regularly carries out win/loss analysis and targeted evaluations to ensure that we fully understand the takeaways and build toward a greater likelihood of work-winning in future deals.

We regularly hear such positive feedback from the organizations we serve from the front-line work-winning staff through the senior leadership and many Boards we engage with. The core of this feedback is rooted in Beacon being relentlessly driven by several key principles.

Beacon helped us zero in on exactly what accounts to pursue and why. They are the way we now do business.

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