Why Training Work Winners in Complex Selling Environments Has Limited Effectiveness

Carl Erickson

Have you ever been part of an organization that “trains” you through an external third party who downloads their skills in matter of hours to make you renewed and improved? Companies often check the box of providing some of their people skills development and in reality they have spent the bulk of their money on something marginally effective.

The Right Way to Develop the Team

In our global experience, effective knowledge transfer of the work winning skills needed to nurture, advance and close complex deals is just not that simple. While Beacon has identified six critical skill sets, the way those skills are deployed and the personal impact of the individual delivering them is essential to understand. Why can some people say exactly the same thing and you want to give one a high five and the other a pink slip? This all ties back to personal impact.

Here are the key components to train your sales teams effectively:

  1. All training should be based upon real deals. This minimizes the conceptual leap for participants and helps them get things faster. This means using live deals in the training and impacting those deals immediately.
  2. Coaching and on-going support is essential to apply what they learned in the context of their personality to maximize their impact. In fact, over 60% of Beacon’s client support comes from this area alone and the paybacks are nearly immediate through the qualification and disqualification of deals.
  3. The sales leadership and sales operations (if there is one) need to be super skilled to carry on the coaching so that the external consultant goes away but leaves behind an intact team capable of superior performance and coaching.
  4. True sales transformation experts know that effective efforts will have at least a 30 to 1 payback the first year and accelerating in subsequent years due to the foundation that has been laid.

Beacon’s award-winning sales development programs are focused on live, active deals and challenges that a particular client is facing.

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