Win-Loss Analysis Paves the Way to Industry-Leading Growth

Carl Erickson

Win-loss analysis or post-decision reviews are actually complicated conversations even if performed correctly. We recently worked with a client who was performing their own post-decision reviews. Not surprisingly, a large number of deals came back as being lost to price. We challenged their findings. Our experience shows that the reality across North America is that on average less than 15% of all deals come back to price, with the exact number depending upon the products and services being sold.

Beacon worked with the client to modify their win-loss approach and changed the sequencing and subtlety of the questions being asked. The objective was to secure more accurate and ultimately helpful data. We then trained and tag-teamed with the client to ensure they understood exactly why certain questions were being asked and how invaluable competitive information could be ascertained.

The client not only became self-sufficient in the win-loss process but with the help of Beacon, they used the data to impact the performance of work winners on both an individual and collective basis.  Most importantly, they changed their competitive positioning in very specific ways where their win rate against named competitors more than doubled. If you would like more information on this offering, please feel free to contact us or call us at 603-745-8888.